Bert Steenbergen receives an NWO grant for research into an active lifestyle during life transitions

As part of the National Science Agenda (NWA) program, a grant has been awarded to the TRansition Into Active Living (TRIAL) proposal. The proposal has been approved with an amount of 1.7 million euros. The aim of the research is to keep people physically active during important transitions in life.

Dutch society from young to old is becoming more and more physically inactive. This interdisciplinary project, TRansition Into Active Living (TRIAL), uses the social network of the individual to bring about long-term change in active behaviour during important life transitions. The focus of this project is on the transition from primary to secondary education, from education to work and the birth of a first child. Instruments are developed within the project with which professionals can encourage people to become and remain active.

The research has a unique interdisciplinary character, combining pedagogy, sociology, psychology and data science. This approach is essential because monodisciplinary approaches have not successfully contributed to a sustainable, active lifestyle.