Presentations at EACD conference - May 17-20th Amsterdam

On May 17-20th the EACD conference will take place in Amsterdam. The overaching theme is this year 'Steps into the future'. Several oral presentations, instructional courses and poster presentations are given by members of our research group. For more information about the conference, click here. An overview of the presentations given by members of our research group can be found below:

Beckers, L.W.M.E., van der Burg, J.J.W., Janssen-Potten, Y.J.M. – Development of the VOST (Therapy-related Parental Stress Questionnaire; Vragenlijst Ouderlijke Stress als gevolg van Therapie van het kind) – poster presentation

van der Burg, J.J.W., van Hulst, K., Erasmus, C.E., Jongerius, P.H. – Changes in impact of drooling after submandibular Botulinum Toxin treatment in 160 children with neurodevelopmental disabilities – oral presentation

Green, D., Rudisch, J., Aarts, P., Butler, J., Izadi, H., Steenbergen, B., Birtles, D. Profiling motor learning in children with unilateral Cerebral Palsy. – oral presentation

Van Hulst, K., van der Burg, J.J.W., Delsing, C.P., Glader, L. -  The AACPDM Sialorrhea Care Pathway: a multidisciplinary approach – oral presentation

Jongsma, M.L.A., Steenbergen, B., Aarts, P.B.M., van Rijn, C.M. – Implementation of the EEG-ERP methodology for refining treatment advise in children with unilateral Cerebral Palsy – oral presentation

Theunissen, L.J.R., van der Burg, J.J.W. – Reading and spelling instruction for children with physical and multiple disabilities who do not speak and use ACC – instructional course

Zielinski, I.M., Steenbergen, B., Simon-Martinez, C., Klingels, K., Staudt, M., Adler, C., Jaspers, E. – Mirror movements or not: should we care? – instructional course

Zielinski, I.M., van Delft, R., Voorman, J., Geurts, A.C.H., Steenbergen, B., Aarts, P.B.M. – The effects of modified constraint-induced movement therapy combined with intensive bimanual training (mCIMT-BiT) in children with obstetric brachial plexus palsy: a retrospective data base study. – oral presentation

Wilson, P.H., Steenbergen, B., Sugden, D.A., Piek, J., Ruddock, S.R. – Cognitive-motor relations in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD): Intersecting growth curves – oral presentation