Beweging in Zicht

Chair  'Perception and Action Problems'


At january 1st 2009, Prof. Dr. Bert Steenbergen started his chair group logo Beweging in Zicht‘Perception and Action problems’ at the Behavioural Science Institute (Learning & Plasticity) of the Radboud University Nijmegen. The chair is supported by Royal Visio, the Catholic foundation for the blind and nearsighted (KSBS), the Radboud University, the Dutch centre of expertise for special education (LECSO) and the association from, and for parents of handicapped children and young adolescents with a handicap (BOSK).

The mission of research group ‘Beweging in Zicht’ is to increase the knowledge about physical and visual abilities related to learning and behavior, and the mechanisms that play a role in this. We do this by performing research with children and adolescents with and without disabilities. The research incorporates both theoretical questions as well as questions from caregivers in the field, and the resulting knowledge is shared with these people in the field as a way to build a bridge between research and practice.

The ultimate goal is to increase the social inclusion and participation of children and adolescents with a visual or physical disability, by using the gained knowledge. We do this by improving the developmental potential of children and youth with physical and visual disabilities, where we focus specifically on increasing participation in education and sport, and to create and improve interventions for this group.