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Co-creation at hand: the road to independence (COAD)


Bimanual performance is a prerequisite for the independence and participation of young children with Cerebral Palsy (CP). Home-based training programs may be a useful addition to centre-based rehabilitation programs to improve this bimanual performance, for example by continuation of therapy aspects in the home environment. The parents will be provided with tools to promote the bimanual performance of their child in addition to institutional therapy. This may contribute to engagement of parents in their child’s care and to healthcare independence.

Even though there is a general consensus on the importance of home-based training programs as addition to institutional programs, to date no evidence-based best practice exists for bimanual home training.

The aim of the COAD project is to examine how home-based training programs can be designed best in order to improve bimanual performance of the child and at the same time minimise the burden for the parents.

For more information about the COAD-project, please visit The website is yet only available in Dutch.