Publications 2011

Food preferences in young Dutch children and recommendations for feeding intervention in developmental disabilities


Total and chronic food refusal (i.e., the refusal of all types of food during a prolonged period) in youngchildren with developmentaldisabilities can be treated effectively using a combination of environmental interventions. However, no guidelines for the selection of food items to offer the child in these interventions are available. The aim of the present study was to assess the preferences for specific food items of youngDutch nondisabled children (N = 254) in order to enable trainers to select food items that maximize success of feedinginterventions. Results indicate that 54 out of 107 food items were found to be preferred. The mean appreciation scores of boys and girls did not differ significantly for these preferred food items, except for raisins and brown bread. Also, there were no differences between the distinguished age-groups, except for peach. Recommendations for the selection of food items within feedingintervention for total and chronic food refusal in youngchildren with developmentaldisabilities are given.